2014 brought massive changes, What will 2018 bring?

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American Farm Bills bring change. The 2014 Farm had a huge impact on our Producers. Changes to disaster programs and the addition of programs like ARC, PLC, and other FSA programs allowed Assiter AG-RISK to help producers evaluate farm bases (basis) and make decision for FSA Programs. New products like Stax and SCO added to producer decisions.

The Program also brought changes to the MPCI Insurance Program. Split Levels to insure practices at different levels or use the additional subsidy to use Enterprise Units with Irrigated and Non-Irrigated seperately have added value to the Insurance Program. These changes also added to decisions Producers must make.

APH (Average Production History) Options also changed. Several options including YE (Yield Exclusion) enhanced APH Calculations. These options must be evaluated on a unit by unit and year by year level. Again adding to the Producers decision porcess.

The fact is the 2014 Program improved the MPCI Program. However the any new Facets are overwhelming. Producers must turn to someone to organize and make sense of the entire program. Growers Associations and University Experts offer meetings and Seminars revealing the changes. To find out how the changes affect (effect) you farm see your Crop Insurance Agent. Get from them a several Quotes applying the option to optimize your coverage at the most efficient cost.

Current Politics causes concern what the 2018 Farm Bill will provide. In 2014 Commodity Prices were much better than present and FArm Income was considered above normal causing cuts to the program. With the current prices we cannot afford cuts and desperatly need additional funding to cover lower prices. This link will take you to an article on AGWEB about hearings already underway for the 2018 FArm Bill. Please contact your congressman and tell them the Farm Bill and the Ag-Risk Safety Net is critical for the American Producer providing Food and Fiber for America and American Export.

Farm Bill a Needed Safety Net in Down Cycle