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A Multi-Peril Crop Smart Strategy for Farm Producers Safety Net Protection.

Ag-Risk Strategies

Every Producer has different requirements to protect Capital, Investment, Loans, Livelihood, and Stabilize Income when Price or Yield falls short. An Ag-Risk Strategy provides maximum coverage while minimizing cost in the best interest of the Producer creating Peace of Mind. Sound Strategy may require multiple products such as Crop Hail or PCI (Production Cost Insurance) and use all Options to maximize APH. Custom Coverage can be individualized by considering all units and Practices covered by the various Products


Federally subsidized MPCI Crop Insurance is the cornerstone for most Ag-Risk Strategies. Many FSA Programs and Private Products are now available to customize each plan. The best tools are available from Crop Insurance Specialist with powerful computer software to compare Plans, Products, and Options. The results should provide detailed choices of coverage in an easy to understand format.


The very best software available to evaluate and customize Ag-Risk Strategies for Producers is provided by ARMtech Insurance Services. As our USDA approved Insurance Provider Assiter Ag-Risk LLC partner with ARMtech to offer the evaluation reports needed to consider all the options and meet the goal of maximum coverage for minimum investment.

Assiter Ag-Risk LLC is a Crop Insurance only company with agents and employees with Producer experience. We use the same tools to cover our crops and understand both sides of the desk. Our employees continue to educate ourselves to offer the latest strategy to our producers.


· Knowledgeable agents, with expertise in row crops, livestock, grapes, pecans, dairy and more
· A large team of agents, which allows us to quickly address your needs


It provides comprehensive protection against weather-related causes of yield loss and/or declining revenue. More than 100 crops are insurable under MPCI, including common crops like cotton, corn, grain sorghum, wheat and sorghum silage. Specialty crops are also insurable.

A Complete AG-RISK Management Program considers many factors:

APH (Average Production History -up to 10 years of yield history). APH deterimines not only the Production Guarentee but even effects the rate factors to determine Premium Cost. Recent Program Changes offers many APH Options to help Producers improve APH and therefore Guarentees. APH Options include:

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