The 2014 Farm Bill was very confusing in the beginning. New Programs like ARC or PLC were very frustrating. Add in Generic Acres and Stax for Cotton and the amount of information offered during program release confused even the Farm Bill experts.

As one of AG-Risk Strategies was to understand the program. Next we researched our producer clients farm for base acres and possible program participation. We had our own meeting to break down the massive amount of information into small understandable steps.

Then we ask our clients for a meeting in our office to provide all the options for FSA signup. By logging in to the available online resources we provided the best information available.

Once the FSA programs were in place we researched the Crop Insurance products to work with the FSA selections. That is what we mean by Strategies, using all of the wide variety of available safety net products.

Lower coverage levels with wide area coverage are the least expensive. Therefore, combining the Farm Bill programs and MPCI Insurance Products provide a security foundation. Considering less expensive Area Based programs in combination with products that individualize each farm unit coverage can complete the best Strategy for your investment.

This program will not work for all producers. Our software illustrations combing the powerful quoting technology of ARMtech and other research sources including University farm program software provides producers with the best information available for producers decisions to build a customized program for individual economic safety net.

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