Farm Bureau Meeting with CONGRESSMAN ARRINGTON

In News by Tim Assiter

August 29, 2019 Peoples Bank Building

(Lubbock, Texas, August 29, 2019) – Congressman Jodey Arrington met with Farm Bureau Members to discuss happenings in Washington DC.

Tanner Smith, Tim Assiter, Garrett Mathis and Dan Smith of Floyd County attended the meeting presented by Texas Farm Bureau.

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Congressman Arrington discussed many topics relating to the current topics and situations in Washington DC.

President Trump’s actions, especially on the China negotiations, was discussed at length. The Congressman was very positive about the stance the President is taking. He was very complimentary of US Farm & Ranch Producers that are experiencing huge losses due to increased stores of commodities and decreased prices. He said Producers are “feeling the pain” of policy that has to be accomplished to get trade and foreign markets on a fair basis.

Several questions were discussed. The most relevant, at this point, concerned the Market Facilitation Payment (MFP). The Congressman stated that 50% should come mid to late September. Software issues and FSA training need to be completed. Several questions were asked about the remaining 50%. The answer to that question is uncertain as many factors will be involved.

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